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Big Island of Hawaii Art & Architecture

The Goldens are grateful for the sensitive artistic contributions of each of these
gifted artists and craftspeople, collaborators in creating the beauty and a
reverence for the land and Hawaiian culture at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

Builders / Craftsman of the Architecture at Volcano Rainforest Retreat

Kenneth Lahti: Local builder/craftsman, builder and co-designer of both the Guest Cottage and the Bamboo Guest House at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.


Richard Morton: Local builder, assistant to Kenneth Lahti and co-builder of the Guest Cottage and the Bamboo Guest House at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

Daniel Lepine: Local builder and craftsman/ co-creator of Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

George Winarkski: Local builder/craftsman and sculptor/ co-builder of Sanctuary, Forest House, Bamboo Guest House and Goldens' residence at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

John Hubbard: Was gifted local builder and craftsman/ co-builder of Sanctuary, Forest House and Goldens' residence at the Volcano Rainforest Retreat.

Tevita Duituturanga :Master stone mason. Built lava rock walls, terracing, entrance pillars and rock paths on property by hand, including the Forest House and the Goldens' residence.

Volcano Artists Featured at Volcano Rainforest Retreat

Tom Pico: Known for research in making authentic Polynesian stone tools, carved wooden sculptures of Hawaiian archetypal figures from the stories and legends of Polynesia.

Ira Ono: Whimsical and magical archetypal clay masks: “Like clouds floating in a calm sky, their creation comes to me in visions each unique: each bringing its own gift of power having no eyes they see, saying no words they speak.”

Marian Berger: Famous watercolorist focused on native Hawaiian birds. Has produced a portfolio similar in quality to the Audubon Society collection of North American birds.

Elizabeth Miller: She is a versatile artist, working in many media, including painting and drawing, woodcarving, ceramics and metal tooling. Her pieces tend to be highly textural, often incorporating earth materials, and elegant in effect, reflecting Hawaiian native species.

Mary and Ken Goodrich: Photographic artists who through their skill and aesthetic sensitivity capture environments of extraordinary natural beauty. Ken and Mary offer photo retreats on the Big Island to connect people to their creativity and express their personal vision.

Zeke Israel: Ceramist that accentuates his archetypal designs of birds and totem figures with beads and feathers in a magical and evocative way.

Herb Kane: Herb Kane was a world-renowned artist, historian, sculptor and writer. He painted close to 400 canvasses of the Pacific and beyond. Well respected for bringing to life through his images the pre-contact life of the Hawaiian people and Polynesian voyagers, as well as, the mythology, legends and renaissance of the Hawaiian culture.

Laka Morton: Fine artist, famous for his unique perspective and large images of Hawaiian people in everyday life who come alive on canvas.

Randy Takaki: Randy Takaki’s work begins in the forests of Hawaii Island. What emerges are parts of trees that become mysterious and powerful sculptures. The simplicity of their design suggests inner refection and humility.

Kathy Long: Artist Kathy Long’s pastels and black & white drawings of the people and culture of Hawaii are seen as some of the most accurate and sensitive contemporary works available today.

Jessica Turini: A painter and stained glass artist on the Big Island of Hawaii inspired by the Hawaiian culture and environment. Her work is unique with is primitive edge and colorful expression.

Mayumi Oda: Known to many as the ‘Matisse of Japan’, with extensive work with female goddess imagery, Mayumi Oda’s original artwork is part of permanent collections throughout the world.

Chiu Leong: “I cultivate a tea garden producing single estate artisan tea, make photographs, tea ware and ceramic art.” Well respected for refined pottery and glaze work, as well as, his creative portraits that capture the art of movement.

Jesse Tunison: Young artist whose stunning photos are represented throughout our website, especially on the
Area Adventures and Massage pages.

Brad Lewis: “In creating volcano images, I utilize movement, light, and texture of volcanic activity to open human emotions to the pulse of the Earth.” World famous photographer of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Phan Ngyen Barker
Famous for her hand-dyed silk paintings, which recently include textural stitchery.


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